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Flutes for Sale-April 2016


#7709 made in 1924. Classic model, closed hole, off-set G, c-foot. Two small dents in headjoint. $1500. For more information contact Leslie Etzel at




Serial #- 28132

Solid silver

Soldered tone holes

In-line g key

B foot

10k gold springs

A=440 scale

Original case shows it's age

Recently completely overhauled. Tone hole solders are sound.

Endorsement for this flute from Marco Granados - Haynes Artist - January 2016:

To Whom it may concern, I recently had the opportunity to try Shelley Atchison's vintage Haynes flute, serial # 28132 and I have to say that I was really impressed by the warmth, evenness and tuning of this particular instrument. This flute comes from one of Haynes Flutes' Golden Eras (the late 50s - early 60s). I am quite familiar with this period of Haynes flutes as I owned and played many of them throughout the years in concert, lectures, orchestral, solo and chamber music situations in New York City and throughout the world. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Shelley's Haynes to any young musician (student and professional alike) wanting to have an instrument that expresses a beautiful and unique sound.

Yours Truly,

Marco Granados

Email Shelley Atchison at if interested.

Pictures of flute:

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