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Flutes for Sale-February 2017

Powell 2100 finished in June 2001

Features all silver construction 0.16, inline G, Philharmonic head, B foot and is A-442 (Powell modern scale). Flute comes with original cherry wood case and leather VQP case cover. COA completed in August 2016, plays perfectly and needs nothing. This flute plays BEAUTIFULLY and has a very special sound. $4500 Contact Derek at

Trevor James Performer Series Alto Flute

Features silver plated curved AND straight headjoints with solid silver lip plates and risers, silver plated body and foot, Mother of Pearl touch pieces, D# roller, pointed key arms, Comes with leather wrapped French style case with fleece lined case cover. I will also include a new $40 flute flag to clean the head joints and a $75 Hercules flute stand with pegs for C-flute, alto and piccolo. Flute purchased new in 2015 for $2350 and was rarely used. $2000 Contact Derek at

1958 Haynes Handmade Flute


Serial #- 28132

Solid silver

Soldered tone holes

In-line g key

B foot

10k gold springs

A=440 scale

Original case shows it's age

Recently completely overhauled. Tone hole solders are sound.

Endorsement for this flute from Marco Granados - Haynes Artist - January 2016:

To Whom it may concern, I recently had the opportunity to try Shelley Atchison's vintage Haynes flute, serial # 28132 and I have to say that I was really impressed by the warmth, evenness and tuning of this particular instrument. This flute comes from one of Haynes Flutes' Golden Eras (the late 50s - early 60s). I am quite familiar with this period of Haynes flutes as I owned and played many of them throughout the years in concert, lectures, orchestral, solo and chamber music situations in New York City and throughout the world. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Shelley's Haynes to any young musician (student and professional alike) wanting to have an instrument that expresses a beautiful and unique sound.

Yours Truly,

Marco Granados

Email Shelley Atchison at if interested.

Pictures of flute:

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