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Kudos!-February 2017

Congrats to these amazing flutists!

KUDOS from Viviana Cumplido Wilson

Barrett Yueh– 1st in Regional Orchestra

KUDOS from Sherry Finzer

Danielle Peterson – Regional Band

KUDOS from Brian Gordon

Supriya Weiss – 1st chair, Regional Orchestra Alicia Wu – Regional Band

KUDOS from Kehokule'alani O'Daniell:

Paige Lottman – Regionals

KUDOS from Christina Steffen:

Martin Hans Eslava – 1st Chair, Regional Orchestra

Madison Kearney – 1st Chair, Regional Band

Mailani O’Daniell – Piccolo, Regional Band

Leah Henthorne – Regional Band

Ian Sheedy – Regional Band

Kati Dean – Regional Band

Chenhan Zhang – Regional Band

Minsuh Yuh – 6th Grade Honor Band

Theresa Hawkins – 8th Grade Honor Band

Madison Kearney – SCC Honor Band

Dagny Cunningham – SCC Honor Band

KUDOS from Michelle Stolper:

Catie Borgerson – 1st Chair, Regional Band

Jenna Friedberg – Piccolo, Regional Band

Lauren Kisicki – 2nd chair, Regional Band

Alex Kulon – 2nd Chair Peoria Unified School District Honor Band

Cicily Torres – Piccolo Tolleson District Honor Band

Risha Nayee – 8th Grade All State Band

Maya Shaw – 7th Grade All State Band, DVUSD 7/8th Grade Honor Band

Leilani Kini – DVUSD 6th Grade Honor Band

Ana Armenta – University of Arizona Honor Band

KUDOS from Andrea Tenbarge

Michelle Howell – 1st Part Orchestra Alyssa Werner – 1st Part Band Paulina Nakagome – 1st Part Band Sarah Alwin – 2nd Part Band