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Flute Camp's Exciting Line Up

Flute Camp is approaching! Join us June 14-17th for a variety of classes, recitals, and chamber music opportunities open to flutists of all ages and abilities.

Wednesday, June 14th

Group Warm Ups

Preparing for Powerful Performances: Overcoming Nerves

New Music for Flute by Living Composers

Acoustics and the Flute

Beginners Masterclass

Recital: AFS Competition Winners and Festival Favorites

Thursday, June 15th – Guest Artist: Christina Steffen

Warm Up Routines

Sight Reading

Christina Steffen Masterclass

All About Air

Practice Techniques

Piccolo Class

Recital: Christina Steffen

Friday, June 16th – Guest Artist: Marco Granados

Improvisation for Classical Flutists

What Drives You?

Understanding Flow

High Performance

Marco Granados Masterclass

Vibrato, Let’s Begin!

My Aching Body

Saturday, June 17th – Guest Artist: Marco Granados

Understanding Flow 2

Improvisation for Classical Flutists 2

Flute Repair Basics


Recital: Marco Granados

Recital: Ensembles and Camp Flute Choir

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