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AFS Flute Camp 2017-One of the best kept secrets in the Arizona Desert should no longer be a secret!

Arizona Flute Society’s 9th annual Flute Camp was a fabulous experience. I am so excited to see what will happen at next year’s 10th anniversary Flute Camp! Every level of flutist can come to camp and learn something new. Let’s make the 10th anniversary year the biggest one yet. Enroll as soon as possible!

AFS Camp is fun and unique. It is four days filled with flute/piccolo classes and ensemble opportunities. Enrolling for all four days, you will participate in an ensemble which performs at the final concert. Can’t come to four full days of camp? You may participate in any one (or more) of the four days. Can’t commit to an entire day…come to a mid-day concert! It is a great way to support your local flute society and escape the heat while hearing a wonderful performance from our guest artists!

A few happenings at 2017 Flute Camp:

-Burning (yes, a real fire) our anxieties with Sue Norton Scott.

-Relaxing away our physical stress with Valerie Revering. All sorts of muscle aches were released!

-Breathing (who could do without it?). Two classes, one by Chaz Salazar, the other by Marco Granados.

-Getting to know your fellow flutists on the very first day with Lee Chivers.

-Introduction to different warm-ups and getting more out of a routine.

-Piccolo class—where to begin with this tiny thing, with Linda Bailey.

-Sight-reading (we all need to practice this!) with Katrina King.

-Vibrato class (or 4-6 weeks of exercises in 50 minutes or less—WHEW!) with Linda Bailey.

-Improv classes, that began with rhythms (takes the scary out of improv!) with Marco Granados.

-Beautiful performances from guest artists Christina Steffen and Marco Granados.

-Buying new music and maybe a new flute too.

-Buying previously owned music where proceeds benefit AFS! You can buy this at the next event too!

-Being the first to enter the 2017-2018 AFS raffles—including a flute lamp (I have always wanted one of those).

-Ending camp with everyone playing Ode to Joy (the annual closing to flute camp).

-Intensive small ensemble rehearsals to prepare for the Saturday closing concert!

The mid-day concerts were so inspiring! Our local guest artist, Christina Steffen; her alto flute playing was fantastic! At Marco Granados concert, I was introduced to a “new” work entitled: Grand Fantasy “mignon” on themes from the Opera by A. Thomas, by P. Taffanel.

We had campers from the Nevada border, Sun City and around the greater Phoenix area. Those who came the furthest, stayed in a nearby hotel. You do not have to live in the area to come to camp, just find a hotel room and enjoy your vacation. It is camp after all!

AFS Flute Camp is for everyone! In January, mark your calendar for AFS Flute Camp’s 10th Anniversary session in June 2018. Come be a part of Arizona’s musical secret!

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